Jr High & High School Physical Science Classes


Physical Science

Jr. High/High School – Grade Level 8-9
Cost of class: $400* per semester.
*See Locations and Schedules for possible additional Student Fees that may be added to your classes and possibly payable with charter funds.

Note: Lab supplies will be provided when students are In-Person for class. For online students, a supply list will be provided so they may do the experiments with us. The cost of lab supplies should also be covered by charter school funds if purchased through an approved vendor.


This class will cover material in the following areas: 

  • Method of scientific study
  • Energy and motion
  • Acceleration and momentum
  • Matter (solid, liquid, gas)
  • Atomic structure and chemical bonds
  • Properties of substances
  • Light
  • Sound waves
  • Electrical phenomena
  • Electronics
  • Nuclear reactions
  • Energy sources

The class will meet for 90 minutes once a week. This course includes lectures, hands-on labs, homework assignments, tests, and a science fair project.

Textbook required:

Glencoe Physical Science
Textbook: ISBN13: 9780028275673, ISBN10: 0028275675
Publisher: GLEN, 1999

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